Meet the Team

All training staff are qualified, practising Counsellors/Psychotherapists and are registered with either BACP or UKCP and work within their governing bodies’ ethical framework. They are all engaged in ongoing professional development. They have substantial knowledge and experience in all aspects of counselling/psychotherapy and bring their particular expertise to the training programme in either a supervisory, teaching or group facilitative capacity.


The Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling Team



Julia Charlesworth MBACP 

Head of Training

Having trained at BCS Julia understands the demands of, and need for, the robust and holding training that BCS offers. As a dynamic, empathetic, and curious individual, Julia thoroughly enjoys nurturing trainees potential as they develop on their journey to becoming psychodynamic counsellors.  



Louise Hewitson MBACP (Accred)

Head of Counselling

Louise joined the Service in April 2015 as Head of Counselling.  For Diploma students undertaking their counselling placements within the Service, Louise supports them as they progress through their clinical journeys.

She is also line manager to the supervisors who supervise the Diploma trainees.



Quentin Stimpson BACP (Accred) UKCP 

External Assessor

As the Diploma’s external examiner. Quentin works to support the course team in delivering the course and acts as an external reference point.

Quentin is an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor and brings his 32 years of clinical experience (including work in private practice, GP Surgeries, University Counselling Services, EAPs, etc.) into all aspects of his teaching-related work. This means that he is familiar with the challenges of clinical practice, and with bridging the training/research-practice gap. he has also developed sufficient resilience over the years to support himself as a practitioner and can assist students with developing the same.

He draws upon his 24 years experience of teaching an on an MSc in Therapeutic Counselling at the University of Greenwich (BACP accredited) and over 30 years of teaching across a range of counselling/psychotherapy courses in FE, HE and private settings (from introductory through to Diploma, BA and MSc levels).



Pauline Kennedy UKCP

Experiential Group Facilitator

Pauline facilitates a weekly experiential group for students of the Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling. Her experience as a psychotherapist incorporates both individual and group work. Over many years she has developed a therapeutic philosophy that originates in the personal and professional belief that as human beings, we each have the potential for self-development and growth. This can be achieved through genuine trust, self-knowledge, understanding and responsibility. She has a genuine interest in helping to develop the skills of the future generation of therapists and  she sees her role as a group facilitator as key to the individual’s development.



Joan Bristow MBACP (Snr Accred) UKCP BPC


Joan has been working in private practice for  over 20 years.  As well as working with a full case load, Joan supervises a number of counsellors individually and in groups. She has a professional and ethical stance to her work. She has a very keen interest in supervision as a discipline in its own right.  Joan takes her  role as a supervisor seriously and endeavors to provide a safe space for the counsellors to explore their clinical work as well as a place to learn from their experiences.



Tracy Busbridge MBACP (Accred)


Tracy  has a broad range of clinical experience with adults, young people and couples.  She also has substantial experience of working in organisations, education establishments and private practice.

Tracy has considerable experience working with trainees and really enjoys doing so. She has a clear understanding of what trainees need at all levels of their learning experience.



Laura Jerram MBACP (Accred)

Seminar Leader

Laura’s  teaching covers topics relevant to the practice of psychodynamic counselling.

Laura is an  highly experienced, accredited counsellor with and teacher with experience of teaching both the Certificate in Counselling Skills and Theory and Diploma In Psychodynamic Counselling for BCS.



Natasha De Meric MBACP

Seminar and Workshop Leader

Natasha has significant experience in teaching, and currently works as an associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, where she teaches on the Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy Masters Programme. This role places her in a perfect position to lead workshops on this training. Natasha’s approach is to offer a safe, grounded, and empathetic space where students can explore various topics such as unconscious processes. Natasha’s teaching covers topics included in the modules The Practice of Psychodynamic Counselling, Working with Unconscious Processes and Working with Difference and Diversity.



Paul Brand MBACP (Accred)

Seminar and Workshop Leader

Paul is an experienced counsellor with a background in training and adult education, it is this combination of skills and experienced  that makes him particularly well suited to his role within Basingstoke Counselling Service. He brings his understanding of both the requirements of a counselling training and the needs of adult learners to the role, and seeks to balance the two in his work with students and other members of the training team.

Paul’s teaching covers topics included in the modules Psychopathology, The Clinical Practice of Psychodynamic Counselling and  The Remote Unconscious.



Sally Despenser MBACP (Snr Accred)

Workshop leader

Sally writes and delivers an engaging, informative and experiential workshop titled Integrating Theory with Practice. She draws on a lifetime of stories and clinical situations to illustrate and draw out theory.



Marta Shepherd MBACP (Accred)

Seminar Leader

Marta joined the course in April 2018. Since then Marta has been teaching Developmental Psychology, Ontology and Research seminar. As the research seminar leader, she also acts as the trainees’ research supervisor.

Her work as a language teacher helped her develop an ability to engage my students in interactive learning, ensuring her seminars are collaborative and interactive; trainees are encouraged to learn from, challenge and support one another. Marta  facilitates trainees’ openness and enthusiasm for an on-going self-discovery,  emphasising its importance in psychodynamic practice. Marta is reliable, warm and committed.



Antony Leyland BACP (Accred) BPC 

Seminar Leader

Antony is a BPC-registered Psychodynamic Psychotherapist and Supervisor. He enjoys and has an interest in counselling and psychotherapy education, with a focus on classical theory and psychopathology. He is a a course leader for another training and an external examiner.  Antony teaching covers topics included in the modules Psychodynamic Concepts and Further Psychodynamic Concepts.



Dorothy Harte MBACP UKCP

Workshop Leader

Dorothy has been involved in teaching on the Basingstoke Diploma since 1980s. Dorothy is an Integrative Psychotherapist with a special interest in Jung. She draws on a wealth of experience when leading a workshop on Dreams and Imagery.



Ed Magee MBACP

Seminar and Workshop Leader

Ed is passionate about high quality reflective counselling practice that is informed by ethical and clinical decisions. He works in a variety of ways to best support his clients, supervisees and students to engage with their goals. Ed offers a primarily non-judgmental approach. Leading Seminars in Psychopathology and Counselling in Context and workshops in The Use of Supervision and Looking after yourself as a therapist



Maggie Sauven MBACP (Accred)

Seminar Leader

Maggie is Seminar Leader covering the topic of Groups and Families. Maggie’s interest in groups comes out of her own family history and experience alongside her own personal therapeutic journey making links between her family of origin and her own personal development. Maggie trained as a Group Work Practitioner with the IGA and as couples counsellor and continues to work with clients in these two areas as well as individuals.



Jo Taylor Jones MBACP

Workshop Leader

Jo is an experienced lecturer and counsellor with an interest in helping students explore new subjects and their own self-awareness. Jo enjoys facilitating discussions which deepen understanding and professional practice. She leading a workshop in year three covering Bereavement, Endings and Loss.