Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling

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Our diploma course provides high quality professional training for those wanting to pursue a career in counselling.   The course is designed for those who wish to train in Psychodynamic Counselling and to work as a professional counsellor.



Upon completion of the training programme, trainees will have been adequately prepared to:

  • Work as professional Psychodynamic Counsellors.
  • Engage in safe, ethical counselling practice with adults on a once weekly basis under regular supervision.
  • Work to open ended contracts.
  • Engage competently with the wider counselling profession and other professions involved in the field of mental healthcare.


The Diploma will provide 450 guided learning hours which is the full requirement for Individual Accreditation with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and 150 hours of supervised counselling practice towards the 450 hour BACP requirement.

The course provides a clinical placement within Basingstoke Counselling Service or another approved placement centre and weekly group supervision for client work, both of which are included in the course fee.



  • Applicants need to have completed a counselling skills training of 100 hours plus. Experience of an experiential group and the Psychodynamic model would be preferred.
  • Completion of an application form, a selection interview, external assessment and provision of satisfactory references. A DBS check as part of the application process will need to be undertaken.
  • Demonstration of the potential to work psychodynamically and suitability to start work with clients.



The course takes place over 3 years on a part-time basis.  The commitment is for one evening per week for the taught seminars for 3 terms of 12 weeks in years one and two.  In year three there is one term of twelve weeks and two terms of ten weeks. The course will run on a Monday evening from 6pm-9.45pm.

There will also be 4 Saturday workshops in the first year and 3 Saturday workshops in year 2 and 3, one per term.

There is a reading week each term that coincides with half term breaks when you will not be required to attend the course.



For details on the content of the course by year please click here.



The client counselling and supervision commitment is for a minimum of 42 weeks a year and is in addition to the taught seminars.



All training staff are qualified, practising Counsellors/Psychotherapists and are registered with either BACP or UKCP and work within their governing bodies Ethical framework. They are all engaged in ongoing professional development. They have substantial knowledge and experience in all aspects of counselling/psychotherapy and bring their particular expertise to the training programme in either a supervisory, teaching or group facilitative capacity.



There are 6 written assignments (2000 words) in the first two years, one per term.

In the third year, trainees are required to undertake a research project (2500 words) in the first term, a further written assignment (2000 words) in term two and write a clinical Case Study (4000 words).

A personal journal is kept throughout the training and a summary of it (1000 words) is prepared for submission towards the end of each year.



In addition to the written work, trainees are expected to read extensively for their own learning and development purposes as well as in preparation for seminars. A reading list will be provided.



Trainees attend an academic tutorial once a term.



Assessment is continuous throughout the 3 years and consists of self and peer assessment, seminar leader, tutor and presentation assessment, class assessment and supervisor evaluation, alongside the written assessments. The assessment committee considers all aspects of a trainee’s development as a counsellor and advises on progression throughout the course.

Complaints and Appeals procedures are available in the Training Handbook.



It is a requirement of this course that trainees are in personal therapy on a once weekly basis for the duration of the course with a BCS approved therapist. The cost of this is not covered by the course fees and is the responsibility of the trainee. Personal counselling should begin 6 months before starting work with clients.  An interview with the course therapy advisor to help trainees find a therapist is provided and included in the course fee.



All trainees are required to attend a supervision group from the beginning of the course.   The group meets weekly for 1.5 hours for a minimum of 42 weeks of the year and attendance is in addition to seminar and group work.

Trainees are required to complete 150 hours of supervised practice and a counselling placement within the Service in Basingstoke or approved placement centre is provided.   Clients will be allocated depending on suitability of presenting issue.   The Service is unable to guarantee 150 client hours within the 3 years as it will depend on the availability of clients and skills level of the trainee and these are variables.


Provision for diploma trainees to complete their 150 client hours if not achieved within 3 years is in place and takes the form of a year 4+. This year incurs a separate cost which is in addition to the Diploma fee.



To receive the Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling trainees must have:

  • Satisfactorily completed 150 hours of supervised psychodynamic counselling within the Service in Basingstoke or approved placement centre.
  • Satisfactorily demonstrated an ability to work psychodynamically with clients.
  • Attended and participated in seminars, workshops, groups and tutorials.
  • Satisfactorily completed and passed all assessment requirements.
  • Attended once weekly counselling or therapy for the duration of the course.
  • Have paid all fees in full.



On completion of the Diploma, counsellors are encouraged to continue their placement at Basingstoke Counselling Service.

Currently, 450 hours of counselling practice is required for BACP Accreditation and it is common for counsellors to work towards this threshold upon completion of the Diploma.

When 450 hours of clinical practice have been completed you will be in the position to be able to apply for Individual Accreditation with BACP.