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Flexible Counselling and Support for Businesses and Employees

In the UK occupational stress leading to depression and anxiety causes around 13 million working days to be lost each year.  It goes without saying that the cost of work-related mental illness is huge – a quarter of the UK’s total annual bill for sickness can be accounted for in this way.*

Surveys show that when counselling is provided employee absence levels can be significantly reduced and productivity improved.  This is why large businesses often provide their own counselling facility as part of an Employee Assistance Programme.

Small and medium-sized businesses can follow best practice and provide access to a counsellor for all their employees.  Basingstoke Counselling Service can help by offering flexible high quality counselling at a reasonable price, with no upfront or hidden costs.

Even if employees manage to stay at work, their performance may be severely impaired by personal or work-related stress; if required we can provide facilitated staff support groups or supervision.

At Basingstoke Counselling Service, our counsellors practise within the framework for ethical and professional standards set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. We are well known in the Basingstoke area, where we have been providing counselling since 1985.

To find out how our Employee Assistance Programme could work for you, your business and your employees, please contact us on 01256 843125 or you can email us: info@basingstokecounselling.org.uk

* Source: BBC News

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